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Freight and courier trends, regulations, useful tips

Our team has a wealth of experience in freight and logistics – both Domestic and International. Having held various senior management positions in this industry for many years, we have quite some involvement in offering you. Here, we’ll blog about freight and courier tendencies, guidelines, useful tips, fascinating (and at times funny) facts and the modern technological expansions in the industry, etc.

Valued item deliveries – you need a safe pair of hands!

It might seem profligate to hire a van to deliver an item that could go reasonably through the post, but if it’s treasured, or time-sensitive it only isn’t worth the risk. That’s when you need the safety and declaration of sending your delivery with a devoted vehicle for the same day, timed delivery.

For complete composure, we use fully upheld, and tracked vehicles driven by CRB checked skilled drivers so you can rely on us when you need to.

Financial documents, permits, agreements, court papers, and diplomas are all trusted for same-day delivery on a devoted vehicle. We carry subtle items, prototypes, treasured goods, and perishables too. And because we’re in touch with our drivers, we can give you up-to-date particulars on where we are, ETA’s, and keep you knowledgeable should any road circumstances delay our progress. We work with accountants, rule firms, and the tryout service, as well as professional manufacturers, gatherers, artists, and sculptors.

Communication is our robust point, and we pride ourselves on remaining in touch with you to give you info as and when you need it. We’ll give you proof of delivery via name as soon as the possessions arrive so you can emphasize your other errands and not worry about your transfer.

Dedicated vehicles are obtainable any time of day or night, so if your batch is time-sensitive, even if it needs to be in Scotland for 8 in the morning, we’ll be there.

Account-holders have access to us any time, so why not open an account if you don’t partake one previously, just so you’re ready should the unforeseen need arise. Call us today and enquire to speak to Ian. He’ll be glad to hear from you.

The accurate courier service builds trust and upsurges sales.

When it comes to contrast delivery companies, this courier comparison list should go some way in serving you find the right solution to support the development of your business.

If you can get the delivery experience right for your clientele, you’ll start to build more faith in your online business, increase your online reputation and upsurge your overall sales. Finding the best courier service may appear like an inspiring task, but it is surely a worthwhile investment of your time.

Reception, storage & transfer service open for all existing customers.

As offices close and people choose to work from home throughout the Corona Virus Pandemic, numerous clients have advanced to act as a delivery point and store vital office equipment/stock for onward delivery to home workers and their clients/customers.

Given this, we have set aside circa 1500 sq ft of storing in West London and a comparable amount at our contentment center in Milton Keynes. This space will be used exclusively for the subsequent determinations;

  • Accepting mail and parcels on your behalf
  • Storage of mail & parcels (until you have re-opened)
  • Onward delivery of mail & parcels (including re-packaging where required)

Should you demand us to handle any mail or parcels on your behalf, you’ll need to deliver us with the pertinent carrier particulars. All items acknowledged will be uploaded to our WMS, so you have full discernibility of any items we are land on your behalf. They can either be stored until you are prepared to receive them or advanced/delivered as obligatory. There are many delivery options obtainable to suit the need/level of earnestness.

Access to our live portal will be provided free of charge to all current customers. Minimal goods in charge will be practical, and courier care will be at your current standard rates. We promise you that our London courier services are consecutive to serve our clientele.

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